• Have you ever imagined creating a video presentation really quick on your mobile device,

    without the need to edit it afterwards?

  • What is it good for?

    With Idea8 you can easily make a presentation with your mobile device,

    recording a movie with any image or animation overlaid on the screen, just like on tv news.



    On Idea8 you have a huge virtual screen that spreads in all directions

    Add your content (like text, images or gif animations) and show your items as you tell your story. The app records everything for you and allows you to share the resulting video on Whatsapp, Facebook, or anywhere you want.

    Besides recording ideas and yourself

    You can also make a live presentation with the AirPlay mirroring feature, sending your video in real-time to your Apple TV or Projector and recording everything without the need for post-production.

  • News about Idea8

    Idea8 was selected among the 100 best Early Stage startups

    (at Startup & Makers Camp in 2016's Campus Party in São Paulo - Brazil)

    Campus Party is the biggest technologic experience worldwide on Innovation, Creativity, Science, Entrepreneurship and Digital Entertainment.

  • Who are we?

    We want to help you reach your goals and show who you are.

    Luciano Pinheiro


    Luciano Pinheiro is a psychologist, with a specialty course on Visual Arts, Culture and Creation, and also a professional programmer and 3D modeler and visual effects specialist since he was 14 years old.


    In 2015, he created an augmented reality app for Health, called AcuMapa, which in 6 months reached 25 thousand installations. Nowadays he's working in one more app for Education and Video content generation, the Idea8.


    Having travelled to many countries to improve his understanding of cultures and social interactions, his passion is to work with UX (User Experience), and that's why he loves to help people discover who they are, what they really want, and how to achieve that.

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